Node.js back-end developer

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node.js back-end developer

32-40 hours · Amsterdam

what will you do?

At Us Media, you together with your project team will develop and build technically challenging solutions for various clients. For example, for an e-health start-up we built an infrastructure for a game in collaboration with an external game developer. We eventually developed an API based on NestJS. We created the various frontends and tooling in Angular. The API runs in a Kubernetes cluster and the frontend in AppEngine. We use BigQuery to analyze the data we collect.

You can also be responsible for development, data processing and integration with external systems in the development of a smart online tool that helps digitize sustainable businesses worldwide.

Whatever the project: your contribution is important, you will learn a lot and be able to express your creativity and know-how.

what will you be working with?

We are always looking for the best solution and the fastest tech for our customers. For example, we build custom applications in Node.js with the NestJS framework. Because we want to build scalable and stable platforms we use cloud platforms both AWS and Google Cloud. We like to choose App engine but we are not afraid to experiment and the possibilities are endless. You can rcome across anything.

You will work with certified Google Cloud Architects and get the opportunity to get certified yourself if you'd like.

You will get the freedom to talk about solutions and new ideas are always welcome.

why is it fun at us?

We've asked our developers. They mention, for example, the interesting mix of large/long-term and smaller/short term projects. Losing yourself for a long time in one challenging product combined with switching fast, being creative, the exciting chaos and the fun of completing quick short term projects with your team. Furthermore: the fact that you get all the space and freedom and as much responsibility as you can handle. The fact that you co-create with all relevant stakeholders. The high level of quality of what we develop, the small organization and the clients-with-a-good-story with whom you have direct contact. Do we need to say more?

this is us

Us Media builds top-notch solutions for organizations with serious online challenges: online platforms, tools and products, integrations and APIs. We work on both large and small projects, so it's challenging and varied. We like tough puzzles. The more complicated the question, the more we can do (and the happier we get).

Technology partner

More and more clients for whom the web is crucial see Us Media as a long-term technology partner. For years, we have partnered with clients such as Amnesty, SIDN, IDH, Plan International and SOS Children's Villages. As partners, we actively contribute to the end goal, which varies per client and per project: more revenue, happy users, extra donors or clients who are happy to return

Making a difference

Our clients are NGOs, charities, start-ups and other organizations that depend on the web for their success. We can work hard, but it has to be about something. So have developed specific solutions for charitable organizations and start-ups and we help them make the world a little better.

Family of friendly nerds

With about 15 people, we are a fairly small club. That means you know each other, inspire, motivate and help each other grow. It also means that you get a lot of responsibilities, and plenty of opportunities to come up with your own creative solutions. And that it quickly becomes very "gezellig" in our 'Clubhouse' in the Amsterdam Houthavens - during and after work.

Teamwork makes it work

We do not have project managers, you are part of a self-managing project team (e.g. Team Kleintje Pils or Team Flamingo) in which you take care of all aspects of a project. For the technique of course, but also the process and communication. The client is always represented in the project teams; you also benefit from their know-how and experience, and the lines of communication are nice and short.

Our clubhouse

We take good care of you; you can work wherever you want, but we value great importance to seeing each other, working together face to face and learning by sitting next to each other. That's why we have a comfortable home base in Amsterdam's Houthaven: our Clubhouse. Those who don't come by bike grab public transport with a company NS Business Card. We love get-togethers, bbqs and to get out.

Clear agreements, and the good stuff

Is there a match and are we going for it? Then a permanent contract will come quickly, with (for full-time) 25 vacation days. You get what you deserve from day 1: the salary indication for this position has a maximum of € 4,900 gross including vacation allowance and there is an excellent pension plan for those who want it. Your working hours are flexible and in terms of tools, of course, we make sure you get what you need to shine - at Us and at home. There is always room and budget to develop yourself. Let us know where your ambitions lie.

how 'bout us?

Do you think we're a match after you've read this and took a look at our work? Great. Then we would love to meet you. Little or a lot of experience? We have work for all levels, so hit that button and let's see if there's a match.

applying for a job: this is how it works.

Step 1

Respond. Click the button, fill in your details, upload your resume and tell us why you're the man/woman for the job.

Step 2

Is there a possible match, we'd like to get to know you. We exchange some basic information (e.g. motivation, skills, ambition) and get to know each other to find out if you are a good fit for Us in terms of skills and personality. And we with you, of course. This conversation is with our in-house recruiter Anne-Jet.

Step 3

If we both feel good about it, we will give you an assignment to take home with you and an appointment will follow with one (or two) members of your possible future team. This is - in the case of a developer position - a more technically oriented conversation, where we also like to see your work (code). We look at and discuss how you approach and solve things, what techniques you have mastered. This is how we find out if you fit into the team in terms of level, skills and person.

Step 4

We consult internally and make you an offer. If you are happy, so are we, we sign a contract, we introduce you to the rest of us and you can start!

meanwhile at us